EU project Adult Education 4.0
Empowering adult education staff in their digital work challenges.

Artificial Intelligence – Safety and Cyber security – Communication with digital technologies.
International Online Conference

21 September, 15.00-17.00 CET

Dear colleagues,

We find ourselves in an era marked by the rapid pace of digitization and unprecedented changes brought about by the global COVID pandemic. The landscape of education and work has undergone a disruptive transformation. Organizations specializing in adult education and their support staff have faced challenging hurdles, grappling with the demands of digital transformation and the need to adapt to new online learning and working environments.

This is precisely why, to ensure a seamless transition and provide a high-quality learning experience for adults navigating new challenges in the world of work, it is urgent to address critical and ever-evolving areas of expertise.

Adult Education 4.0 aims to enhance the digital readiness and skills of professionals and staff involved in Adult Vocational Training, equipping them with methods and tools to tackle the challenges posed by the changing digital work landscape.

As the conclusion of the European project “Adult Education 4.0 – Empowering adult education staff in their digital work challenges. Best practices and networking initiative,” funded under the Erasmus+ program, we, a partnership comprising training institutions from Italy, Germany, and Greece, are pleased to present an online conference on the ZOOM platform scheduled for Thursday, September 21st, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (English language). Participation is free of charge.

The conference program will revolve around the three main themes developed during the 12 months of our project, as presented in a dedicated brochure and illustrated by experts in the field:

1) **Artificial Intelligence in the learning environment and digital content creation**: We will explore how AI is transforming the way we learn and teach and how we can harness this technology to enhance the adult learning experience.

2) **Security and Cybersecurity in education and vocational training**: In an increasingly interconnected world, security is paramount. We will delve into best practices for safeguarding data and ensuring a secure learning environment.

3) **Digital literacy and the ability to communicate, interact, and collaborate with others through digital technologies**: Digital competence is essential for success in the modern world. We will share strategies to improve digital skills and online communication.

We are excited to share with you the knowledge gained and best practices that have emerged from this project. Together, we can prepare for the future of digital learning and work.

We invite you to participate and share this opportunity with your colleagues. Register now to secure your spot at the Adult Education 4.0 conference and let’s prepare together for a digitally competent future of learning and work.


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